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Tyler Torro solo

This piece of beautiful meat is barely 21 years old. Standing at 6’1 and weighing 180 pounds, Tyler Torro is the perfect definition of teen stud. When this dude’s not doing exercises, he is in the gym anyway because he is a personal instructor. When he isn’t doing either of these things, he is on the hunt with his good friends, looking for the next slut to place his fat dick into.  Lucky for all Tyler fans, he will be exhibiting his nice male organ in this next door male scene. In the shower and on the couch, he uses his hand and infamous FleshLight to milk his dick dry. Enjoy! Also you can enter the site and see another gorgeous gay men getting naked for the camera!


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Tyler Hunt stroking his impressive tool

Our next sweet thing is Tyler Hunt. He is 27 yr-old, has a stunning body and a super sized dick. What else you wanna know?!
For the next cum dripping nextdoormale video, Tyler will get naked and expose his goods in the shower, and on his bed. The teen hunk tugs, stokes and works his lovely dick until his balls tense up and shoot his load all over his sexy abs. He is very hot!


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Jacob Bennett

Jacob Bennett is a sweet teen with his head on his shoulders. We meet up with this next door male at the gym while he goes thru some light training and plyometric work-out. As he gets hotter, he chooses to get rid of some of his clothes, removes his shirt and pants and slowly pulling off his shoes and socks. As he plays a bit with his shiny dick head, his shaft grows comes out of his underwear. Watch him blasting a big cumload over his ripped stomach in the end of this update.Enjoy!

next door male jacob bennett at the gym

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The horny Visconti triplets

Welcome back to watch an another amazing next door male scene featuring the hot Visconti triplets. They have their own hotel and today most of the guests left. They have nothing better to do so they take a smoke break when the guy who lives across the street seems them and stops buy to ask a cigarette. The hot triplets invite him over for a coffee because this guy looks damn cute. He also needs a place to sleep for the night but he can’t pay for it. The triplets offers to give him a room if he is willing to be nice with them.

As you see, he is going to get way more than just a cigarette. His mouth is going to get stuffed by three hard cocks and then the guys line up to fuck his tight ass. The guy is not complaining at all even though this is the first time he gets fucked in the ass. If you are interested in watching straight guys getting fucked, check them out now at and have fun. Make sure to come back and see new next door scenes! Have fun now and see you again!


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Cody Cummings’ Best Buddy

We are back with another next door male update for you guys. In today’s scene we have our favorite hunk Cody Cummings for just for you with his latest scene. So don’t miss him getting his hard cock sucked. After gym he went with one of his gym buddies for a drink and that drink ended up being an entire night of drinking. So by the end of the night when they sobered up a bit, they went to Cody’s place. But there they ended up knowing a bit better than they expected. So Cody made sure he was in control of the situation and got his buddies out of his clothes. Cody didn’t have too much to do, because his buddy was all over him all night long. He got his hard cock sucked and then his buddy ended up riding it as well. If you liked our guys make sure you check out the bait buddies blog for more hardcore gay scenes. Hope you guys liked this nextdoormale update and we’ll see you next time with more!


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Next Door Male – Rough Gay Fuck

Our next door male Cody is back and he brought his business partner with him as well and from the looks of it he does an amazing job sucking off his cock. Cody had one of his partner brought over for some business, but there was an misunderstanding at the hotel and he ended up in the streets. He couldn’t just leave him there so he invited him to spend the night at his place. Cody didn’t have even the slightest idea that he had also into guys. He saw him checking every guy, but he thought that he was only curious.

Once they got to his place, he offered one of his rooms and made sure he had everything that he needed. After eating something the guys started chatting and they ended up talking about relationships. He came up forward and told Cody that he was seeing only guys exclusively. Well this turned out just perfect for Cody because he was horny as hell. The ripped jock ended up getting what he wanted and that us fucking up his business partner.

next door male risky business

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