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Next Door Male – Will Evans

Another fresh week and time to see another new and hot next door male scene here with some impressive studs getting naughty and kinky just as always. As you all know, this site is the go to place when you want to see some pretty amazing and intense shows featuring hot studs getting to put those sexy bodies on display for you all to see as well. And we always want to bring you the best of the best no matter the cost too. With that in mind, let’s get to see the hot stud named Will Evans as he gets to play in his own scene here today as well. You will get to see the guy please himself on the octagon mat today!


And that is mainly because the guy is into MMA fighting and he always is at the gym training when he has free time to do so. And when everyone leaves and he is all nice and alone you can see the guy taking his time to masturbate right there in the ring. Case in point today, as soon as he is all alone, you can see that he was ready to get to play nasty and took off his shorts and underwear to reveal his whole naked body. See him taking a spot in a corner and then watch him taking his time to masturbate furiously for you all to see in this amazing and hot scene here. We’ll be back soon with another new gallery for you to check out too!

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James Huntsman

Hey there guys and gals. We’re back in action with another new and hot nextdoormale scene here to show off to you and this week we have the one and only James Huntsman showing off for you. As you can clearly see, he’s one amazingly good looking blonde stud and he knows that fully well as well. He is eager to get to show off everything he’s got in his scene for the afternoon and we’re betting that you would all enjoy the treat that is his whole gallery update here at today. So anyway, take your seats and enjoy this view of the gorgeous and sexy blonde stud getting naughty and nasty on camera for you!

For this speciffic scene, the muscled hunk gets to pose next to his off road car today in the garage. We think that it ties the whole thing up neatly and makes him look even hotter as he’s sitting in front of the steel machine. Anyway, he gets to use his clothes that he takes off as his makeshift cover on the ground and then you can see the guy starting to do his naked posing lie all the guys here. We’ll be back again soon with another scene, but we know that this will keep you guys and gals occupied for a while too. So anyway, we’ll be back again next week and you can bet that you will get to see another amazing and hot fallery with a new stud!


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Next Door Male – Niko Delong

Well talk about dropping in at just the right time to check out another gorgeous and new next door male scene here today. This one features another simply stunning stud that gets to be naughty and he goes by the name Niko Delong, and you can surely bet that he’s all ready to get to show off as much as he can in this naughty little scene with him here today. Let’s check out the whole thing as Miko here is a very very hot looking stud and he knows it pretty well, and that’s why he would be here in the first place, to take his time in this juicy and hot nextdoormale scene and show off his whole amazing naked body to you all to check out here today.


You can see that the guy is also interested in playing outdoors for this one, taking his time to get to pose for you in his garden on a bench. You get to see him slowly make work of his outfit that he had on to put on display that gorgeous and sexy body and when he’s done with that he lays back on the bench and poses some more, now all nude and ready to get down and dirty. He wanted to make sure that you got to see each and every angle before anything else and now you could see him getting to play with his cock as well. Enjoy the show he puts on while he masturbates and we’ll see you again next week with another show!

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Cooper Adams Nude Outdoor

We bet you’re eager to see more of these hot guys getting wild in our next door male scenes here and we have another one that will surely be quite to your liking as well. The star of this one is a dude by the name of Cooper Adams and he gets to play for you all this afternoon as she also gets to show off that good looking body of his as well. So anyway, just sit back and relax and you can get to watch the sexy and sly Cooper as he gets to lay back as well in his nextdoormale scene and take his time to play with his cock on camera for you all to see. So let’s not waste time and watch him showing off his hard and ready meat this afternoon shall we?

By the looks of it, the guy wanted to get to play in the back yard today and as the sun was setting it was starting to cool off as well. Which as a pretty good thing for the guy too as today it was ridiculously hot too. So now he could take his time to sit back and relax in the back yard and take his time to jack off his big cock. See him moaning in pleasure while he please himself and watch the whole thing with him. You will have plenty to experience in his nice little naughty scene here and he loved getting nasty for you all as well. Anyway, we’ll take our leave and see you guys soon enough with another new and fresh update. Bye bye!


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Next Door Male – Mr. Shane

Another fresh week and time to see another new next door male scene with one more hot guy getting to play here. And today’s guest star is Mr Shane, pretty much like the title says, and as you can see he’s a very sexy man with short dark brown hair and on top of that he has some very pretty blue eyes as well. It looks like Shane here is in the mood to get naughty too and you can check him out as he gets to have his fun playing with himself in his very own home cinema room. This nextdoormale likes to play there kinky as he has all of these nice and comfy leather chairs and they make him extra horny when he sits on them. So let’s watch him play today!


When the show brgins, you can see that the guy is all naked and ready to play and takes his seat in one of the chairs all ready to get to play by himself. So watch him be a tease too like a lot of our guys here and see him getting to expose each and every single inch of that amazingly hot body for you as soon as the show starts more or less. He eventually gets to take his seat and start jacking off and you can see that too. He brought a towel with him to clean up any mess he may make as he doesn’t want the chairs to be stained. So anyway, watch Shane get naughty here today and see you all soon with another new update everyone!

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Connor Maguire in Bed

Welcome to this week’s fresh and new next door male scene featuring another smoking hot dude all ready to get to party hard for you. And of course it’s a solo scene as it’s a staple here as you very well know anyway. So when we start off you will see that this stud is quite muscled and looks ridiculously good as well. His name is Connor Maguire and he wants to show off his morning routine when he gets out of bed, and you can rest assured that it’s bound to be incredible. His amazing nextdoormale scene here is one that you truly need to fully explore so let’s watch the guy get naked and kinky for you all here without delay shall we guys and gals?

Connor wakes up and that’s right when the scene begins. You can see him remove the cover to reveal that he’s all nude too. It’s just the way he likes to nap and he gets all excited before going to sleep and when waking up too, so you can bet that he has some mandatory jacking off sessions each time. And you get to see one here in his scene today as he makes the bed first to have it neat and tidy and the all naked, watch as he gets on top and teases you with his luscious naked body. And of course, watch him jack off as well to make this even better. We hope that you had fun with him here today and you can see some more gorgeous updates soon enough with more guys!


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Next Door Male – Marc Scalvo

Today’s hot and sexy next door male scene brings you the hot stud named Marc Scalvo in action and you can bet that he’s quite adept at showing off his body to the cameras and you as well. Marc here is quite the expert at being a tease and in his scene you can see him take ample time to get to play for you all with his whole body involved too of course. So let’s not waste time and get this show going as we know that you’ve been waiting for this and it’s just the best thing to check out in this new nextdoormale scene here. So just sit back, relax and watch Marc here show off his self pleasing skills as he masturbates fast and hard for you today!


The show begins with the guy getting set up in his bedroom bed. And you can see him making quick work of all of his clothes on. He needs to make sure that you get to see each and every single inch of his hot body today here and he doesn’t want to waste anymore time either. So watch that naked body from every angle and watch as the guy eventually lays back and shows off that his cock is rock hard and ready to get pleased. And it does of course. Well watch him masturbate for you passionately today and let’s hope that he’s going to be back again soon in future scenes too. Until then enjoy this one and we’ll see you soon with more!

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Campbell Stevens

Hey there again everyone and welcome back to a brand new and fresh next door male hot scene with another solo guy getting to have some sensual fun for you. The guy is Campbell Stevens and he is a nice and sexy muscular stud packing a pretty serious cock that just adores to get naughty when he’s all solo. And that’s exactly how the cameras caught him in this scene for the afternoon as he was in the living room lazing around on the couch and playing with himself. So let’s get to see this scene with him go down as he gets to take his sweet time to have some fun masturbating furiously for you all to see in the gallery here!

Well, like we said, he had the whole afternoon to do whatever he wanted on that brown couch and as you will see he puts more pillows around him to be more comfy. Then takes off the little clothing he has on and proceeds to be a cock tease for you all, and eventually you do get to see him take a seat back down. Watch him as he then starts to slowly stroke his meat for you to see and check out and when he’s done you’ll be watching him shoot his load all over himself as well. Great scene with a great stud today and we hope to get to see him soon once more in all new and fresh galleries. Anyway, enjoy it and see you soon as usual!


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Next Door Male – Joey Rico

Hey there guys and welcome to this new next door male scene here featuring the adorable and cute stud named Joey Rico as he gets to have some classy fun just for your viewing pleasure. It looks like the guy has the whole afternoon to play naughty in his own bed and you’d better bet that he is going to take that time to do just that for the whole scene. But you can also rest assured that it’s one scene that you should simply make sure to check out if you want to see some glorious and hot galleries with a hot and sexy nextdoormale this week. So anyway, let’s not waste time and just watch this guy take his seat and masturbate for you shall we?


When the show begins, Joey here makes his entry to the bedroom and you can see it on his face that he was super eager to get to have fun today without delay. In this gallery you get to watch him as he gets to undress for you and put on display that very very sexy body that he has and show off what he can do while he poses sensually for you as well in the start of the scene. But as we mentioned, he gets to please himself and that is by far the best part of this little naughty gallery of his here today. let’s get right down to it and watch closely and see this guy getting wild and wanking off for your viewing pleasure this whole afternoon!

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Hot Austin Merrick

Next door male is the one site on the internet that you should always check out when you want to see some pretty intense and hot gay studs playing naughty for you. And today we want to bring you Austin Merrick and his lovely solo scene that he has to show off as well. He went to a nightclub and it looks like the guy got a tad too horny. Well, he had to retreat t the restroom to do something about it, so make sure that you sit back and check out this show with him getting to show off some classy nextdoormale action in this one as he gets to get naked and then take his sweet time to jack off for you all to see on camera. So let’s get started!

You can also probably notice that the stall he was in had a nice glory hole too, which means that people regularly come to have fun here too. Well he was alone sadly for this one but that didn’t stop him from getting naughty. See him undress and watch as he gets to start having fun with his body for you as he touches himself all over. And eventually he gets to sit back and spread his legs to let you get to have a nice and good look at him as he gets to start to masturbate for your viewing pleasure here today. So do have fun with the show and Austin and make sure to come back again next week for another new guy and another new scene too!


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