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Next Door Male – Jake Henry

Another fresh week and time for another new and fresh next door male to show off his stuff here. This stud is quite the sexy one and his name is Jake Henry. He can be seen today taking his time in his bed to play with himself and you get a whole boatload of images in his juicy gallery to check out too. Take the time to watch him lay back and relax, and take the time to relax yourselves too as you watch him wank off on camera as well today later in the show. This nextdoormale knows how to properly put on a show, just like the rest around here and you can bet that you won’t want to miss a single one of his images here, that’s a guarantee!


You all know that you always get front row seats to the shows around here and this was no different either. Watch and check out this amazing and stunning gallery with the guy playing nasty and check out the past ones too. We are always trying to improve and make this site the best place to visit when you want to see some hot studs getting to play and you know that every week there’s just the most amazing and hot things to see go down as well. This was pretty much the same and we will be expecting you next week as well with even more. But for now enjoy the sight of Jake Henry getting nasty with himself for you and the cams. See you soon!

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Hot Zack Lemec

Hey there guys and gals. We’re back with a special next door male here today for a special little scene. This is to say thanks for following so long and checking out the content around here too. And the stud that gets to reward you for such loyalty is Zack Lemec, a French born stud that has a body to die for and he gets to go to the riverside today to play for you. Originally he wanted to do some relaxing fishing, but seeing as he got horny and stuff, and he was all alone to boot, the guy was more than happy to get to play with himself a bit here today. So just take your time to see him jack off outdoors in his scene here for the afternoon!

As the show begins, you can see him put the fishing rod aside and taking off his clothes. He gets to take his spot on a sunbathed rock between the bushes and near the water and lets that warm air and wind caress his naked body as he gets all touchy feely with himself too. Pretty soon you can see him as he gets to have some nice fun with that cock of his as he begins to stroke it fast and hard and he moans in pleasure. This goes on and on until he cums all over himself and he’s all spent. As a nice little bonus to his scene, you can see him take a skinny dip as well in the water to clean himself off and only after that the show ends. Enjoy!


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Next Door Male – Chad Logan

Hey hey hey, there’s a brand new next door male scene here that you almost missed and you wouldn’t want to do that now would you? Well either way, you can see another simply stunning and gorgeous guy showing off in this one and his name is Chad Logan. Chad here is one hot stud that wants to take his time today to seduce you with his amazing body and we’re pretty sure that it’s going to work quite well at how sexy he is. Anyway, there’s a lot of images in this nextdoormale scene with him so make sure that you go through them all to truly experience what he’s all about. Anyway, let’s get to see Chad play nasty here today shall we?


It seems that chad gets to have some fun in his very own little sex dungeon that he has and he has a nice and sexy leather table all set there as well. You can see him taking his time today to get wild and nasty on it and we bet that you will enjoy the whole thing. And if you explore it all you will be able to see him posing in various sexy and kinky poses too. Well that’s about it for now and you need not forget that you can also check out the past scenes for even more hot and horny content. But for now that’s about it with Chad himself. We’re sure he’s going to be back in future scenes, but until then enjoy this one guys and gals!

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Vinny Castillo

Allow us to welcome you all back to a pretty striking and juicy next door male scene here this week once more. We have an incredibly  hot and sexy guy by the name of Vinny Castillo that wants to put himself on display for you and rest assured that he had nothing better to do this afternoon than get nasty and kinky for you. As you can tell by the name, he’s part Italian and packs the body of a hard working one too. That’s why he’s always so eager and happy to get to show off everything that he has in this lovely nextdoormale scene. let’s get to see him enjoying his time here as he shows you his fully naked body and big cock today shall we?

The action takes place in his living room and as you can see, he gets to take his spot on that mighty fine leather couch there. And once he gets settled in on it he’s all ready to get to play as much as he wants. You may have noticed that he made his entry to the whole thing all naked already and he was pretty proud of just strutting there too like that. Anyway, it is still amazing and Vinny takes his place sprawled out as much as he can so that you can see most of his gorgeous body there. Enjoy seeing him being as much of a tease as he wants and enjoy the view and we’ll be back with more really soon guys and gals. See you next week!


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Next Door Male – Brock Cooper

Another fresh week and as you know, time for another new next door male to play kinky in front of the cameras and you all. You always get to see the best of the best here and this is by far the case as well for the afternoon too. The stud that got to play here today is quite possibly the hottest guy you’ll see and his name id Brock Cooper. He has quite a lot of experience on how to show off his assets as he’s been a model before going into this more…naughty, side of the business. And his nextdoormale gallery shows it. Either way, make sure that you sit back and relax as you get to watch the stud lay back and jack off his hard penis today just for you!


You can tell that he knows what you’re all here for as soon as he gets to start playing naughty and you can see him taking his spot on the red leather chair that was in the room. Well that’s only after he got to also take the time and parade his amazing body for you all while he got naked. He enjoyed showing off from every angle and strike every single sensual and sexy position that you can think of to give you amazing closeups of himself. But soon he was yearning for release, so watch him lay on his back and just jack off for the rest of the show, blowing his load all over at the end too. Bye bye for now!

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Tommy Huntington

Well here we are with this week’s amazing and fresh nextdoormale that gets to play for you and you can bet that you will have quite the gallery to go through in order to get to see what this stud here was up to. His name is Tommy Huntington and he knows fully well how to show off his assets as it were to you all in his glorious scene. He gets that big red couch all to himself and he plans on putting it to good use as he gets to expose every inch of his body on it for you all to see this fine afternoon. Let those cameras roll and let’s get to see specifically what the guy is all about here as he gets naked and jacks off for you and the cameras!

As you can see he’s pretty pale as well, but that just makes him look that more sexy we feel. He’s not one to draw things out, so his first order of business is to unceremoniously take off all of his clothes and then take his seat on the couch. Take the time to see him touch himself all over and tease himself more and more. That nice and big cock is getting bigger and bigger and he eventually starts to play with himself and it. Watch him moan as he masturbates furiously for you all to see in his scene and watch him cum as well before the whole thing’s over too. We’ll return again next week with another gallery for you to see and enjoy everyone!


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Next Door Male – Bobby Bull

In today’s fresh and new next door male scene we have quite the special gallery to reveal to you and rest assured that you simply must check it out if you want to see what goodies are inside. The main star of this gallery is a hot stud by the name of Bobby Bull and he couldn’t be more happy to get to show off what he’s all about here today for you. He, like all the studs around here gets to take his time to get to have some fun for your viewing pleasure all by himself and his scene is one juicy and intricate maze of delicious images to check out. Let’s not waste time and check out this nextdoormale stud getting naked and naughty for you shall we?


Once the cameras begin to roll, the guy seems dead set on showing off just how he likes to play. And as you can see when you first get to see him he sports nothing but a pair of shorts that he eagerly pulls off pretty fast. The guy also has some tattoos on his torso and his arm and like we mentioned, those pants are now off. Watch that cock getting proudly displayed for you all to see and check out today and as he gets rock hard you can see him grabing hold of it firmly and starting to jack off for you. And you can bet that his lovely scene only ends once he blows his load all over himself too. See you all next time with another lovely and hot scene!

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Samuel O’Toole

Hey there again everyone. You’re back just in time to see a nice little next door male surprise that we have in store for you this week. And it is in regards to who is the stud that gets to play for your viewing pleasure here. As you can see, this guy is none other than the famous Samuel O’Toole that gets to play for you and after checking our his gallery here, make sure to check out his main site as well for even more of him. But anyway, let’s get down to business and see Mr Samuel here getting to be naughty and kinky for you as he gets to play in his nextdoormale action scene. You can see him posing all nude among his workout equipment here today!

Well, as you know, Samuel is quite the good looking man and he has a lot of experience when it comes to showing off his amazing body to the cameras and all of you so far. That’s why it’s nice to see him play here and watch a true expert show off everything that he knows how to do. We’re sure that you will enjoy seeing him remove the little clothing that he has and the only thing that he keeps on are his sneakers after he puts on display that stunning body of his here today. Check out the whole thing and do come back again next week for another breath taking scene and more hot studs getting to show off just how good they look on cam!


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Next Door Male – Alexi Auclair

Hey there guys and welcome back. There’s more juicy stuff to see go down in another fresh next door male scene here today and you can have the pleasure of checking out Mr Alexi Auclair in this one getting all naked and naughty for you all. He also seems to fancy the outdoors today and he wants to make sure that you get to see just how he enjoys getting around to playing in said outdoors as well today. We can pretty much guarantee that his simply stunning and hot scene is one that you won’t soon forget and he knows it as well as shown by his big grin. Anyway, let’s watch him get naked and naughty for you today and enjoy his amazing gallery!


So like we said, Alexi gets to go play outside and he seems to have chosen this nice little forest setting for his little play session and it was nice and sunny too. well that only means that you get to see that gorgeous muscled hunk of a man showing off even better and he knows that his muscled body is going to be your center of attention for a long time too. Anyway, check him out as he gets to expose his big cock and lovely body today and make sure to check out the whole scene here with him. We’ll return soon enough with even more amazing stuff for you, and all you need to do is stay tuned and then make sure that you come on by to see it!

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Hot Rick McCoy

Hey there and welcome to a brand new and hot next door male scene here this week. We’re back with more of what you like to see and that is of course hot and naked hunks that get to play naughty for you in each and every single scene too. This week’s main man is Rick McCoy, a muscled stud that loves nothing more than getting naughty and kinky on camera for anyone that might want to check him out in action too. Rick is quite the expert at being a cock tease so expect this nextdoormale to put you under quite a spell to have the hots for him. Anyway, enough delays, let’s get to see how he gets to show off to you all today!

It seems that he chose to play on a nice and comby red leather chair of an odd shape, but it would serve well for his needs this afternoon. So watch the undressing part as he slowly reveals his body inch by inch. He wants you to take your time exploring his body as he undresses as you can tell. Then eventually he does get all nude and he’s now ready to get to play for you. Check him out laying back and relaxing and rest assured that we plan on having him show off some more in future scenes as well. But meanwhile just have fun with his gallery here today guys. We’ll be right back next week and we’ll have some more all new and fresh stuff to show you!


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